Traffic Maximizer Audit: Increase Organic Traffic and Be Successful Online

The Traffic Maximizer Audit is a complete on-page analysis of your entire website. It identifies errors and optimizations to improve your online visibility, giving you the organic traffic you need to make your online business a success.

Traffic Maximizer Audit

Increase organic traffic you need to make your online business a success

Discover What's Holding Up Your Website Traffic

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Dude, Where's My Traffic?

So you've worked hard on creating your website. Giving your target audience exactly what they're looking for, honing it to perfection, before launching in a blaze of excitement!


Nothing. Nobody.

Queue tumbleweeds.

Dude, where's my traffic?

Over the next few weeks a handful of visitors drift by, but not the kind of traffic that will make your site a success.

So what's going on?

Simply put, you haven't optimized your site for the search engines.

No matter how good you site looks to humans, there will always be hidden barriers, wrong turns and dead ends affecting the way your site is viewed by search engine robots and algorithms.

Get rid of these blockages and you'll be found

The proven way to get organic traffic flowing to your site is to start with fixing SEO issues on your existing website. Do this before you spend too much time on content building and backlinks, so that your website pages are properly indexed and structured to reach their potential in search results pages (SERPs).

The following real-world case study took place over a 12 month period, and proved to us beyond any doubt that if you get your website SEO sorted out, the traffic will follow.

Case Study: How to grow organic traffic in a niche authority site using only technical SEO audit optimizations

Organic traffic success - Rankkup SEO Case Study

Site Launch! June 2016 case study site launches. Anticipation and excitement about the flood of visitors consuming the amazing content on the website.

Zero Traffic. Where is everyone? Site is live, content is awesome, what's the problem?  $$$ SEO agency advice  - "get the technical SEO basics right first".

Traffic builds. On-page site audit complete and changes implemented. Traffic starts to improve within a few short weeks.

Success! 1 year on and visitor traffic continues and accelerates - all WITHOUT backlinks or producing a ton of new content.

Idea lightbulb on blackboard - SEO Case Study from Rankkup

Conclusion: Fixing errors and optimizing key areas got the traffic building. Google responded quickly, with pages indexed and ranked higher in searches.

SEO agency fee to produce audit - $1,000. Surely there must be a better way?!

Traffic Maximizer Audit: 
Get Your Organic Search Traffic Flowing, Without the High Price Tag

Want to find out what’s holding your website back from its true ranking potential? No need to pay expensive SEO agency prices or ongoing software subscriptions.

The Rankkup Traffic Maximizer Audit gives you:

  • Advanced audit. Professional SEO on-page audit - over 60 SEO issues checked.
  • Extensive review. Up to 1,000 web pages audited per report to cover large websites.
  • Actionable report. PDF report detailing issues, page URLs, and priority of fixes.
  • Incredible value. Only $99. Save over 90% from typical SEO agency prices.
  • Time saving. Fast 1 business day delivery time via email.
  • No risk to you. 30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied.

Thorough Analysis of Your Whole Site

All pages are carefully checked for over 60 on-page technical and content issues, including...


Images are crucial on a website. As search engines can’t read images, they need help ‘seeing’ what they are. 


We analyze your site content for issues which may affect how search engines score your pages for quality.

Page Links

Our report will highlight any broken internal or external links and analyze quantity and relevance of page links.

Crawl & Indexing

Robots crawl every page on your site and index them. We check all pages to ensure flawless crawlability.


We scrutinize page titles and headings and recommend improvements for maximum optimization.

Meta Descriptions

We identify and report on page meta descriptions and offer insights and advice for their optimization.


A properly formatted xml sitemap file is essential for search engine robots, and key to our deep site analysis.


Search engine robots follow robots.txt directives to index your site, a critical part of our review.

Page Speed

We analyze and report on page load time and site speed - important Google ranking factors.

International SEO

Geographic & language-relevant pages rank when matching user intent, if formatted properly.

Mobile & AMP

A fully responsive website across all devices is considered critical for ranking well on Google.

Website Security

Our tests check your site protocols for the latest SSL security standards, keeping visitors safe.

We've Been There From the Start

Rankkup founder and CEO Mark Wainwright has been involved in creating and growing digital businesses for over 20 years, including a highly successful online publishing site sold for an 8-figure sumHe knows just how critical organic traffic is to the success of any internet business, and firmly believes that a solid SEO foundation is key to building sustainable online exposure.

Mark Wainwright - CoFounder of Rankkup SEO site audits

Traffic Maximizer Audit Pricing

Only $99 -

  • Technical SEO audit of one website.
  • Detailed, actionable PDF report.
  • $1,000+ value for only $99!
  • Whole site analyzed (to 1,000 pages).
  • Fast delivery in just one business day.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.


Isn't a free website audit good enough?

I'm short on time. I could get a SEO agency to do this for me, right?

I’m not familiar with the technical aspects of a website. Will I be able to implement the results from my Traffic Maximizer Audit myself?

How does the 30 day money back guarantee work?

Does Rankkup only produce technical website audits?

What information do you need to run the report?

Why should I trust Rankkup?

I have more questions...

Want Better Search Rankings?

Find and fix the hidden issues holding your website back, with a comprehensive technical SEO audit of your entire site. Get started today, and watch your traffic grow.